Details About How You Can Become A Junior Buddy

We would really like to thank the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and the Active Citizens Fund. FOR supporting and enabling us to Design and Build this unique Early Intervention Education Platform This Bespoke programme is to assist Children with POSITIVE PATHWAYS and a multitude of issues and problems that can arise on a daily basis to help keep them safe and away from the DARK SIDE. This Programme will evolve on a DAILY Basis with Health and Wellbeing and mindfulness at the forefront Of This Educational programme.

Dave says: "Big Dave's  Junior Buddies is a scheme where young people in a school, community or youth club act as leaders/peer mentors, leading by example. The buddies have a special status & are expected to be pro-active in prevention of bullying & anti social behaviour. 

Building on the successful model Dave has piloted elsewhere, pupils will be encouraged to become positive contributors during lessons that encompass health, wellbeing, citizenship, exercise, nutrition which are all components of the ongoing anti bullying campaign.All of which will give Social Value to the individual child and to their peer group and to our society.


If you are over 11 years of age and attend Senior School you can become one of Big Dave's Buddies and you will receive a dog tag or a pin badge to show that you are against knife crime and bullying etc. You will be a role model for the community and carry respect and what this stands for to yourself and others throughout your schooling and into adulthood. 

To help Big Dave with his fight to combat knife crime and bullying etc and to help make the community a safer environment for us all you can become one of Big Dave's Adult Buddies. You can elect to receive helpful information on the program of work that is being put together to help parents educate their children in the dangers on our streets and in our schools on a daily basis.  To do so simply contact Dave Gauder's Facebook page. You to will a BDB pin badge. 
When you become a Big Dave Buddy you will receive a pin like this to recognise you are against bullying

For those aged 11 year or more you can become one of Big Daves Buddies for which you can elect to receive a series of information downloads to cover helpful information to recognise and combat knife crime. bullying, grooming and mental well-being and other social aspects that impact on children throughout their school life and into adulthood. 

We are looking for role models in society i.e. sports starts, pop stars, business people or anyone who is a public celebrity that can become one of our Angels of Strength. They will become the role models for the 6- 11 year old plus pupils who in turn become Guardians and act as the role models for the younger ones aged from 6 year old upwards who become Big Daves' Junior Buddies. We know that many of the younger children will look to these role models and already we are building a Big Dave's Hall of Fame to recognise these individuals. 

Big Dave Gauder