Big Dave's Hall Of Fame

We would really like to thank the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and the Active Citizens Fund. FOR supporting and enabling us to Design and Build this unique Early Intervention Education Platform This Bespoke programme is to assist Children with POSITIVE PATHWAYS and a multitude of issues and problems that can arise on a daily basis to help keep them safe and away from the DARK SIDE. This Programme will evolve on a DAILY Basis with Health and Wellbeing and mindfulness at the forefront Of This Educational programme.

Big Dave has started up his Hall of Fame which will show some of the individuals who have become one of Big Dave's Angel's of Strength messengers to help stamp out knife crime, bullying and the carrying and use of knives and guns that are proving such a terrible indictment of our society and to help young people whom are being groomed, encouraged and coerced to join neighbourhood gangs. 

Clearly they can not do it all themselves but they all help to reach out in some way to help to turn the tide and have somehow been involved in carrying Big Dave's message to the people they are in contact with in their daily lives to help spread the good work and make people aware of the menace this brings. All of these individuals have done something in their lives that carry a positive role model message to others and have helped other individuals in some way. 

Big Dave Gauder, Tina Gauder My wife My Rock, Sir Paul Scott Lee, Pat Wing M.B.E., Chris Wilkinson M.B.E., Q.P.M., John Box Ex  Chair Princess Diana Awards., Robby Pritchard Q.P.M., Lionel Stewart M.B.E. Capt Peter(Red) Riley Ex S.A.S. & Mi6 and author, Simon Haycock (Community Champion), Lee (k.R.O.) Oniel Community Champion., Kris Treize.B.K.B Middleweight Champion, Shaun Coleman M.D, Kerry Humphries Housewife, Nick Smith M.D., Jim Welsh M.D.,Dave Foxhall M.D, Darren Johnson Deputy Govenor, Carol Dawson Head Of Education & Learning, Chris Haggett Head Of Reoffending, Craig Barber M.D.