Dave Gauder Tamed Violent Criminals

We would really like to thank the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and the Active Citizens Fund. FOR supporting and enabling us to Design and Build this unique Early Intervention Education Platform www.bigdave.online. This Bespoke programme is to assist Children with POSITIVE PATHWAYS and a multitude of issues and problems that can arise on a daily basis to help keep them safe and away from the DARK SIDE. This Programme will evolve on a DAILY Basis with Health and Wellbeing and mindfulness at the forefront Of This Educational programme.

Dave was the first man called in to HMP Birmingham to help communicate with violent and 'unreachable' inmates after the trouble in December 2016. Must Read Article By Stephanie Balloo

"Being a former world strongest man, I got instant respect from the guys, instant respect," explains Dave.  "Within ten minutes of walking into the gym, I got every single one of them eating out of my hands, just by showing them one exercise." They were the violent, 'unreachable' thugs serving sentences up to 14 years for their crimes, but to him it didn't matter what they'd done. He was there to help communicate with some of the city's most dangerous felons. But how did he manage this, to find out more read this article By Stephanie Balloo

The 12-hour riot saw hundreds of prisoners escape and caused an estimated three million pounds worth of damage. Staff offices were gutted in fires, computer equipment was destroyed, windows and lights were smashed and paint thrown across rooms in what was the worst prison disorder in the UK since the 1990 Strangeways riot. Just weeks later, Big Dave - who earned his name pulling planes and double decker buses - was inside the prison walls earning 'respect' from aggressive criminals who sparked chaos in the jail.  

Big Dave has also completed work at HMP Featherstone in Staffordshire - where the inmates were awarded with a design and print qualification. Prisoners have created magnet, emblazoned with a sharp bloodied knife designed onto it. It was created inside a Midland prison in a bid to raise awareness of the knife crime which currently grips the country.

It is just part of the work Dave does with prisoners and those on probation.  "There's a lot of other products they're going to produce," promises Dave. "We are talking to a number of companies who want to work with us and give the prisoners a chance to earn some self respect and help to make amends and a difference not only to their own lives but also to society". 

If you area business owner and would like to get involved, we have some fantastic marketing opportunities that sit alongside our campaigns and would be pleased to talk with you further.