Big Dave's A Finalist Now For The Phoenix Newspaper Award

We would really like to thank the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and the Active Citizens Fund. FOR supporting and enabling us to Design and Build this unique Early Intervention Education Platform This Bespoke programme is to assist Children with POSITIVE PATHWAYS and a multitude of issues and problems that can arise on a daily basis to help keep them safe and away from the DARK SIDE. This Programme will evolve on a DAILY Basis with Health and Wellbeing and mindfulness at the forefront Of This Educational programme.

Folks Dave has to get his votes in by October 11th, please vote for him in the awards of his anti-bullying campaign. Please vote for Big Dave Gauder and the valuable work he is doing in the community. Dave is well known for the work he does with school children but did you know that Dave also supports our Veterans and does a lot of Prison Work with his SLAMH project. Currently he is working with prisoners in Featherstone Prison and its Governor and with the West Midlands Police to help with his latest anti-knife campaign and help to make our society a safer place for us all. Please if you do nothing else today it just takes a tick 30 seconds out of your busy day and vote for Dave Gauder ( to be found in the Community Engagement Category ). Please vote for Dave Gauder at

What An an Honour to train and be associated with the best Gym in the
Country. This Incredible Award was presented by The BRITISH ARMY
FOR all the work it does in the Community.
FOR helping Young People and Children
FOR providing Free yes Free Of Charge
Excercise, Boxing Classes, Mindfulness
Issues, Health and Well Being.
All of this is down to one person
Simon Haycock The owner of our Steel
Palace (Fitness Factory 2). Who is responsible for these Free Early Intervention PROGRAMMES Also a Dedicated team of Experts and Professionals who gladly give THEIR
TIME, and KNOWLEDGE and love
TO the young people to stay on positive pathways through life and not to venture to The Dark Side.