About Dave Gauder

We would really like to thank the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and the Active Citizens Fund. FOR supporting and enabling us to Design and Build this unique Early Intervention Education Platform www.bigdave.online. This Bespoke programme is to assist Children with POSITIVE PATHWAYS and a multitude of issues and problems that can arise on a daily basis to help keep them safe and away from the DARK SIDE. This Programme will evolve on a DAILY Basis with Health and Wellbeing and mindfulness at the forefront Of This Educational programme.

MISSION STATEMENT: "We believe that all children and young people should grow up without being bullied. We combat bullying with proven strategies that can be adopted straight away with presentations tailored to specific needs."

This boy grey up to be Big Dave Gauder and this is Dave's Story

World Renowned Strongman Dave Gauder is a motivational speaker, anti bullying activist & an Ambassador for Standing up for Birmingham. Dave has multiple listings in the Guinness Book of records & has presented his Anti Bullying presentation to over 1 million people. This won a prestigious Oyster Award from the Home Secretary.

The roadshow has to be funded. In the past the Community Safety Partnerships between Police, Schools, Local & national government made funds available to carry out the work. Many of these initiatives don't exist anymore. The work continues but Dave is looking for businesses to sponsor him and for organisations and schools who would like him to deliver his award winning speaking.

Brummie muscleman Dave Gauder put his considerable weight behind a world record attempt to beat playground bullies. Ex-world strongman Dave, who is famous for his bus-pulling heroics, set himself another impossible challenge at Heart of England School, in Balsall Common.

The stunt saw Dave set a new world record by pulling two JCB 3CX models across the playground.

His visit was part of the heavyweight’s bid to wipe out bullying in schools.

Dave, from Kings Norton, devised a buddy scheme, which assigns a student mentor to primary and secondary school pupils who may be struggling at school.

It was originally set up in the Croxteth area of Liverpool, where 11-year-old schoolboy Rhys Jones was gunned down in broad daylight as he walked home from football training in August 2007.

Dave said he was committed to helping children after he suffering at the hands of bullies as a school boy.

Dave said: “Having experienced bullying first hand as a child, I understand the devastating affects it can have on a young person, not only through their school years but also throughout their life.

“I have devised this programme to share tactics on how to deal will bullying and also deliver messages to address the students who are dishing it out.

“Over the years, I have seen some tremendous results which for me, and for those affected by bullying, is very rewarding.”

Dave, who has reached nearly one million children with his campaign, spoke with 350 pupils at Heart of England school about his own experiences.

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