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For further details on the Campaign or for Press Enquiries call 07914 392197

Dave Gauder the Angel Of Strength World Champion Strongman with 26 World Records.Ambassador for Birmingham Award winning Anti Bullying Campaigner. 
Pioneer of the SLAMH concept Strength Consultant 

Motivational Speaking Team Building Events 

Promotional Campaigns
Health & Wellbeing Adviser

2002 Crime Prevention Oyster Award Winner

Anti Bullying Campaign

Guns, Gangs & Knives Campaign

This is just one of many many messages received from either the parents, the organisations, the teachers, the Authorities and most of all the children themselves. It has been reported that thanks to Dave's anti-bullying campaign he has had children open up to parents and teachers alike from the discussions that emit as a result. Children have reported they had suicidal thoughts and now realised that they did have the strength to go on and others have reported cases of abuse resulting in court cases. Check out just a few of the testimonials received.

The press clippings and video's show just a few of Dave's exploits and barely scratch the surface but he is proud to have been able to deliver his message to over 1 million school children across the UK to date and growing. Check out just a few of Daves' press clippings archived.