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2018 sees the launch of the Guns, Gangs & Knives Campaign.  Our aim is to deliver the Anti-Bullying Campaign to schools across the country and work with Police Authorities, Organisations and Businesses on a new Anti-Gun, Gang & Knife Campaign to deliver important messages to the youth of today and help to eradicate the irreparable decision making life changing decisions some of them choose to make.  Dave says "If You Carry A Knife Chances Are You'll Take A Life"

Dave Gauder has been delivering campaigns for many organisations both in the Public and Private sectors including working with 32 Police Authorities and The Prison & Probation Service. Dave is currently working on delivery his Anti Gun, Gang & Knife campaign to help to engage with the youth of today. With Dave's unique style he is able with interactive participation using various approaches to engage with the children and adults that deliver hard hitting messages that are easily understood and resonates with them.

This is a proven method and has already been delivered to over 1 million school children through the anti bully campaign over a number of years. Now he is ready to join the fight against gun and knife carrying youths of all ages and is again working with Police Authorities to do so. The Angel Of Strength is a presentation that is suitable for primary, juniors and senior schools and is tailored to the client requirements. 

Dave is now taking booking from schools, organisations and companies that want him to deliver the message for them. If you interested further please contact Dave using the contact page for more information and we will send you further details. Please state which campaign you are enquiring about and the age group of the audience that the campaign is aimed towards. 

Dave Gauder (Big Dave) is without doubt a leading exponent of the word strength as a Strongman on the world stage with 26 amazing strength records & multi award winning social champion to his creditPlease see is a strong advocate for self belief he emphasises the importance of positive thinking and never say can't attitude. Physical Training, weight training, Excercise, and Education shows that this is the right direction  for people to channel negative energy into a constructive activity. Once you believe in yourself you will have the drive and desire to achieve anything. Great achievements do not come easy they have to be earned you have to work to Earn them.This is what my Award Winning alternate education programme Slam H is about to create a sense of purpose and achievement and self worth.

I write this to share my experiences after attending the slam H program, twice. Run by Dave Gauder. After leaving prison having served a 6 year sentence for wounding with intent I was very low in confidence and belief that I could ever really restart my life and live a purposeful and prosperous one on the right side of the law after attending various job interviews including one at viola working on the bins that had been organised by prison staff themselves I was always turned down on the basis of my criminal record at one stage this led to me feeling unable to get out out of bed for two days in a row as a feeling of "what is the point" in trying had very much taken over. 

At this point I then met Dave through through probation I had figured I may as well go along as see what all the fuss is about, Dave was not what I expected at all and I have not come across anyone like Dave since from most other organisations eg. Probation you get the feeling of its just a job to them they don't actually care.

Dave seemed to genuinely want to help others he treats everybody on merit and as he finds them and never passed any judgment or looked down on others no matter what they had done he could always see the future and what they had in themselves to be, the main thing to be learned from Dave was all about inner strength not physical strength, he taught me to put myself out there get stuck in and have a go not to worry about the opinions of others and that at the end of the day the only person you have to keep happy is yourself, he taught me that if you want something enough you find a way to achieve this. 

Dave is well regarded within the community and its impossible to find anyone that ever has a bad word to say about him Dave is always there for other people to help and offer support the work he has done against bullying is testament to his complete selfless character he has achieved many things in his life and I believe now try's to help others to achieve there own personal goals. I would state for a fact that without meeting Dave and hearing what he had to say I would never have moved on with my life through gaining that inner strength and self belief, I moved on and left my past behind not having been in any trouble for 7 to 8 years I am now a supervisor for a major commercials decorating firm having run large huge jobs such as the refurb at the mailbox offices in Birmingham this would never have happened without Dave I would have given up a long time ago. 

Dave's message of building that inner strength and courage to achieve your potential is not one that should be ignored and needs the highest platform possible to be heard I'm sure Dave doesn't even realise what an impact attending  that course twice was on me and I will always owe Dave a massive debt of gratitude for that in my eyes he's a legend, there are many people who could do with his help and assistance as there is know one I have I met like him I would urge anyone to give him a chance to get his message across and see if that could benefit them as well. 

Dave is a massive inspiration to anyone looking to change their life and will do anything to help others, when I had spoken to Dave about attending college the following week Dave had used his own time to find about about for Croft college for me for no personal gain of his own. 

Thank you Robert 

Muscleman ‘Big’ Dave Gauder has brought his successful fitness programme to Stourbridge, where he is training offenders to lead healthier and safer lives.Dave’s Slam H (Start Low, AiM High) programme, which is already a hit in his native Kings Norton, features 10 weekly sessions of physical training in a local gym. Dave also includes tips on how to stay positive  mentally, develop personal confidence and focus on healthy living.The course is for men and women of

all physical abilities.